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Bridge Competition - 2019

Confucius Institute FLUL Student Won the 18 Chinese Culture Competition in Portugal following his Twin's Earlier Success

The Portuguese regional contest for the 18th "Chinese Bridge," an annual language and culture proficiency competition for college students, was held in Minho University, Braga on Saturday, May 4th, 2019, with the victor following in his twin brother's steps two years earlier.

Under the theme of "One World and One Family," six students from Confucius Institutes in Lisbon University, Minho University and Coimbra University participated in the contest, which included a talent show.

The winner was Tomas Rodrigues Ilheu, a student from Confucius Institute in Lisbon University. He said that he started learning Chinese after his twin brother, Diogo Ilheu, got the second prize in the 2017 Chinese Bridge competition. The twin brothers gave themselves the Chinese names of Li Bai and Du Fu, two great Chinese poets in the Tang Dynasty.

 They said their family has set up a company to tap the new opportunities created by China's Belt and Road Initiative.

There are three students from Confucius Institute in Lisbon University, taking part in the Competition, Tomas Rodrigues Ilheu as the Champion, Vasco Joaquim de Sousa Esteves and Adriano Ulrix as the Excellent Prize.